Macreddin Golf Club

Club Constitution

Macreddin Golf Club



1.1. Rules herein contained are indicated by consecutive numbers.

1.2. Clauses are indicated by consecutive numbers preceded by Rule numbers.

1.3. Sub-Clauses are indicated by consecutive numbers preceded by Rule and Clause numbers.

1.4. Sub-Sub-Clauses are indicated by consecutive numbers preceded by Rule, Clause and Sub-Clause numbers.

1.5. The name or title “Committee” or “Management Committee” and the officers and members thereof, without qualification, shall mean those members elected to the Management Committee from the Club.

1.6. The name or title “Club”, means Macreddin Golf Club.


2.1. The name of the Club shall be Macreddin Golf Club. This name shall be the name by which the Golf Club shall be known.

2.2. The official address of the Club is Macreddin Golf Club, Macreddin Village, Aughrim, Co Wicklow.


3.1. The land on which the Golf Course and Clubhouse have been constructed is in the possession of Vangal plc hereinafter called ‘the Course Operator’ which expression shall include his/its successors and assignees.


4.1. The Club uses the facilities under revocable Licence from the Course Operator.

4.2. The Club accepts that the Licence granted by the Course Operator to use the facilities will not entitle the Club to any legal interest in the property.

4.3. The licence shall stand in the name of the Course Operator and the Club or its Trustees appointed by the Club under these rules. The Club acknowledges the granting of a licence to use such lands as are deemed necessary for its activities from the Course Operator and that the relationship between the Club and the Course Operator is that of Licensee and Licensor. In the event of the Licence being withdrawn, the Club shall notify Golf Ireland forthwith.


5.1. The Membership of the Club shall consist of amateur golfers who are:

5.1.1. Ordinary

5.1.2. Family

5.1.3. Honorary

5.1.4. Overseas

5.1.5. Student

5.1.6. Junior

5.1.7. Associate of Macreddin Golf Club

5.2. The number of members electable to each category in each Club shall initially be fixed in consultation with the Course Operator. Any subsequent alteration will be by agreement with the Course Operator.

5.3. Only Ordinary Members, or Members having the same rights and privileges as an Ordinary Member shall be:

5.3.1. Entitled to attend and vote at all Annual General and Special General Meetings, and,

5.3.2. Entitled to nominate for, and election to, Office and Management Committee in the Club.

5.4. The members of the club have the following primary obligations:

5.4.1. To be bound and comply fully with the Club Constitution, bye-laws, rules, regulations, polices and /or codes and the rules of golf or any competition or activity held under the Clubs auspices.

5.4.2. To be bound and comply fully with any decisions by the Club.

5.4.3. Not to take legal action against on any issue relating to the application of the Club Constitution, bye-laws, rules, regulations, policies and/or codes and procedures or those of its sub-committees without first pursuing the matter through the Clubs disciplinary process and under the terms of the disciplinary policy and until such procedures have been exhausted.

5.5. Equality and anti-discrimination

5.5.1. We strive to ensure that no gender, race, religious, political or other kind of unfair discrimination exists or is allowed to develop in the Club in any form, and that all may participate regardless of their gender, race, civil status, family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, membership of the traveller community, political views or any other such irrelevant factor.

5.5.2. We shall not tolerate harassment or other discriminatory behaviour including bullying, whether physical or verbal of any kind and shall work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate disciplinary action in whatever context it occurs.

5.5.3. We have policies and procedures in place to safeguard against such behaviour and sets out our complaint mechanism for breach of these principles.

5.5.4. We will promote gender equality in our Club and will promote the 30:30:40 Gender principle as advocated by Golf Ireland on our Management Committees and Sub-Committees

5.6. Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

5.6.1. The Club shall appoint a Children’s Officer who may also be the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) in accordance with legislation. This person or persons shall receive such training and education as necessary to fulfil the role(s) and be Garda vetted.

5.6.2. The Children’s Officer shall be responsible for formulating our child welfare and safeguarding policy for children and vulnerable adults. The Policy shall set out the policy of our Club including procedures in relation to stand down orders and vetting procedures and any other matters pertaining to child welfare.

5.6.3. Any person in our Club appointed to hold a position with access to children and/or vulnerable persons must have complied with the Garda Vetting procedure.

5.7. The Club shall ensure all data and personal information under the control of our Club shall be held and maintained in accordance with our Data Protection Policy (GDPR) and relevant General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.


6.1. The Club shall:

6.1.1. Promote the amateur game of Golf amongst its members.

6.1.2. Be affiliated to the Golf Ireland and undertake to accept and abide by the Constitution and Bye-Laws of Golf Ireland and the Bye-Laws of the Leinster Branch in whose Province the Club is situated.

6.1.3. In compliance with Golf Ireland affiliation rules, pay when due, a per capita subscription to Golf Ireland, and, a per capita levy to its Provincial Council on every playing member (except non-voting Honorary Members) of the Club as specified by Golf Ireland affiliation rules.

6.1.4. Accept and recognize the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews as the sole authority for prescribing and implementing the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status.

6.1.5. Accept and apply the Handicapping Scheme as prescribed by the World Handicapping System and such Rules thereunder as may require to be implemented from time to time by Golf Ireland.


7.1. The Club shall have the following structures:

7.1.1. Management Committee

7.2. The Management Committee for the time being of the Club referred to and constituted in the manner set out in these Rules shall exercise overall authority for the managing and administering the affairs of the Club and its relationship with its members. Any contracts or agreements which the Club has authority to enter into under the provisions of these Rules, shall first be approved by the Management Committee and following such approval shall be signed by any two of the following persons namely:

7.2.1. Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer of the Club

7.3. The Club has responsibility for the following matters:

7.3.1. The maintenance and proper liaison with Golf Ireland (GI).

7.3.2. The levying and forwarding to GI by way of per capita subscription or otherwise of all levies due to GI in accordance with the GI constitution and with bye-laws of the GI Leinster Branch;

7.3.3. The proper administration of the world handicapping system as prescribed by the WHS and such rules as may be required to be implemented by GI in that regard from time to time;

7.3.4. The appointment of a Handicapping Committee, all of whom shall be members of the club, which shall have complete control of handicapping matters in the club. The Handicapping Committee shall retain Handicap Records in respect of all present and past Members for not less than the current year and the previous two calendar years and retain all score cards until the end of the current handicap year. The Handicapping Committee shall ensure that all handicap records will be returned to the Leinster Branch should the club cease to be affiliated.

7.3.5. The management and administration of the club’s competitions.

7.3.6. The monitoring of compliance by the GI affiliated members with the handicapping system;

7.3.7. Maintaining an accurate register of all members on Golf Ireland Clubhouse

7.3.8. Adopting and implementing the Junior Policy, Safeguarding Policy, Volunteer Recruiting Policy and any other required policies of GI which may be introduced from time to time.

7.3.9. The Club operates a number of policies which have been approved by the Management Committee and which are updated and amended from time to time. All members shall comply with such polices which are available on the Club website or on request

7.3.10. Breaches of such policies shall be taken seriously by the Club and may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to cessation of membership or other sanction in accordance with the Clubs disciplinary policy.



8.1.1. Captain, Vice-Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Handicap Secretary, Children’s Officer, Junior Convenor, Public Relations Officer.

8.1.2. Any such other officers and ordinary members as shall be proposed and elected at the AGM of the club.



9.1.1. The business and affairs of the Club shall be under the jurisdiction and control of the Management Committee consisting of the Officers as detailed in 8.1.1.

9.1.2. The Committee may exercise its powers notwithstanding that there may be a vacancy in its membership.

9.2. At meetings of the Committee:

9.2.1. Four of those entitled to attend and vote shall form a quorum provided there is at least one officer present.

9.2.2. At Committee meetings the Chair shall be taken by the Captain or, if absent, by any officer.

9.2.3. The Chairperson at a meeting shall, in addition to a deliberative vote, have, and shall exercise a casting vote.


9.3.1. The Captain of the Club, shall, on leaving office, become an ex-officio member of the Incoming Committee.

9.3.2. The other Officers and the Ordinary Members of the Committee shall retire after serving for three consecutive years and shall be eligible for re-election.

9.3.3. No Member shall serve as an Office Bearer on the Management Committee for a period longer than six consecutive years, excepting the positions of Captain for whom the maximum period shall be eight years, and the Vice-Captain for whom the maximum period shall be seven years, or for more than three consecutive years as Honorary Treasurer. Such period of service shall be broken by the member retiring from the Management Committee or serving in an ex-officio capacity for a period of one or more years.

9.3.4. The election of Office Bearers, members of the Management Committee and Auditor, shall be made at the Annual General Meeting.

9.3.5. Nominations (with the consent of the Nominee) for election to any Honorary Office, or as an Ordinary Member of the Committee shall be made:

9.3.6. By the Management Committee of the Club, or,

9.3.7. By any two Ordinary Members of the Club.

9.3.8. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall save in exceptional circumstances, be held before the last day of December. All Nominations shall be given to the Honorary Secretary of the Club at least 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

9.3.9. A complete list of Nominees (Officers and Committee) together with their Proposer and Seconder must be posted on the Club Notice Board and/or emailed to the ordinary members of the club at least seven days prior to the date of the particular Annual General Meeting.

9.3.10. The Committee shall have power to fill vacancies in any of these offices (including membership of its Committee) during any year. The persons so appointed shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

9.3.11. At any General Meeting, if the election of a continuing member of the Committee to a position as an Office Bearer will leave a vacancy on the Committee, then such vacancy shall be filled at that Annual General Meeting from candidates already nominated for membership of the Committee.

9.3.12. The office of any Office Bearer shall be vacated by such Office Bearer resigning therefrom or on ceasing to be a member of the Club or being removed by a resolution at an Annual General Meeting.


9.4.1. Stated Meetings of the Management Committee shall be held no less than six times per annum.

9.4.2. Upon a requisition signed by not less than three members of a Committee stating the nature of the business to be transacted, the Captain or Honorary Secretary of the Club shall call a Special Meeting of such Committee for the consideration thereof; and if the Officers designated above neglect or refuse to call such a Meeting within seven days the same may be convened by notice signed by four members of such Committee.


9.5.1. The Committee of the Club shall co-operate with such staff as are employed by the Course Operator in the maintenance, service and upkeep of the Course and Clubhouse and shall direct the members to facilitate such staff in the execution of their duties in the interest of both the Course Operator and the Club.


9.6.1. The requirement of Sub-Sub-Clauses and shall be implemented by a Liaison Committee, the members of which shall comprise of two nominees from the Committee and the Course Operator’s Representative. This Committee shall elect its own Chairperson who shall have a casting vote. The Course Operator’s Representative shall have no vote.

9.6.2. The Liaison Committee shall: Make and from time to alter, such Bye-Laws and Regulations as are considered necessary in the interest of the members of the Club. Make such Local Rules (provided they are not at variance with the Rules of Golf) and Regulations for the use of the Course as required.

9.6.3. Every member of every category and every visitor introduced by a member shall be subject to, and must comply with, all Rules, Bye-Laws and Regulations in force.


9.7.1. The Committee shall have power to appoint Sub-Committees and to define the scope of their authority and to delegate and confer on such Committees the powers necessary for the discharge of the function or functions for which such Sub-Committee was formed, with the exception of Election of Members.

9.7.2. Each Sub-Committee shall retire annually on the date of the Annual General Meeting or when the function for which it was appointed is completed.

9.7.3. The quorum of each Sub-Committee shall be defined at the time of appointment.

9.7.4. The Chairperson of each Sub-Committee shall, in addition to a deliberative vote, have, and shall exercise a casting vote.

9.7.5. Each Sub-Committee shall circulate to the committee minutes of its meetings.


10.1. The Club shall be administered as follows:

10.2. The Honorary Secretary of the Club shall be responsible for the everyday affairs of the Club except such duties which are specifically assigned to another Officer of the Club.

10.3. All written complaints concerning matters under the jurisdiction and control of the Committee and sub-committees of the Club shall be primarily referred to the Honorary Secretary of the Club who, if unable to resolve same, shall place the complaint on the agenda for the next Meeting of the Club Committee for investigation and decision. (See Clause 16.)


11.1. The financial affairs of the Club shall be administered as follows:

11.2. The Honorary Treasurer shall keep full and detailed accounts, books and records, showing the financial affairs, receipts and disbursements of the Club.

11.3. The Banking Account shall be kept in the name of the Club (and clearly identified as such) in such Bank as the Committee may, from time to time determine. All cheques shall be signed and authorised by resolution of the Committee.

11.4. The Committee shall collect and remit to Golf Ireland the annual per capita subscription and Provincial Levies on members as required by Golf Ireland.

11.5. The Committee shall be entitled to charge and retain all entry fees in Club and Open Competitions under its control and management and for which it has arranged for the provision of prizes.

11.6. The Honorary Treasurer shall issue an audited statement of the affairs of the Club for the financial year ended 31st October, for consideration by the Committee and for presentation and approval by the members at the Annual General Meeting which shall be held before the last day of December following. To satisfy the audit requirement, two suitably qualified Members shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to review the financial affairs of the Club at least once per year. Those two appointed Members shall together fulfil the role of Auditor and shall certify the statement of the affairs of the Club at the Annual General Meeting.


12.1. Subject to the agreed limitation as to the number of members electable to the different categories of members:

12.1.1. The election of all members shall be in the hands of the Management Committee.

12.2. The procedure for the elections of members shall be as follows:

12.2.1. Each candidate for election (except in the case of Honorary Members) must be proposed by one Ordinary Member of the Club and Seconded by another Ordinary Member of the Club.

12.2.2. An Ordinary Member wishing to propose a Candidate for election or such Candidate themselves, shall obtain from the Course Operator a form known as an Application for Membership Form and shall in due course return it to the Course Operator who will forward it to the Management Committee completed and signed by the Proposer and Seconder with such additional information as may be required.

12.2.3. If the Management Committee or Honorary Secretary decides that the name of the candidate for election should go forward to the members, the name and address of the candidate may be posted on the Clubhouse Notice Board for at least 15 days before the meeting or other equivalent discussion at which the application is to be considered.

12.2.4. Any omission from or inaccuracy in the particulars relating to any applicant shall render election voidable at the discretion of the Committee.

12.2.5. Notice in writing shall be dispatched to all elected candidates by the Honorary Secretary of the Club together with a copy of the Club Constitution and Rules or internet links thereto. The candidate shall become a member of the Club in the category applied for and entitled to the benefits and privileges of such membership and be bound by its Rules.

12.2.6. Should the requested payment not be made within the period required by the course operator, the election shall be void on the notification to the General Committee by the course operator of such default.

12.2.7. If a candidate is not elected to membership and at a later date wishes to make a further application for membership, the same procedure as set out above must be followed on any subsequent application.


13.1. Voting and non-voting members may be elected to the Club.

13.2. The following shall be voting members:

13.2.1. Ordinary Members who have paid the Entrance Fee (if any) and Annual Subscription (if any) to the Course Operator, and the Annual Golf Club Subscription, shall be entitled to attend and vote at all Annual General and all Special General Meetings of the Club.

13.3. The following shall be non-voting members of the Club: - All members in these categories, except Honorary Members, shall be required to pay the Annual Subscription applicable to each category.

13.3.1. Family Members: They shall comprise of a family of two named adults and two named children under the age of eighteen. The two named adults will be categorised as Ordinary Members of the Club, and the children will be categorised as Junior Members.

13.3.2. Student Members: These are members in full time education under the age of 25 years. Such membership shall cease on 31st March following graduation or reaching the age of 25. whichever period shall be shorter.

13.3.3. Junior Members: These shall comprise young persons under 18 years of age. Such membership shall cease on the end of the subscription year following the junior’s 18th Birthday.

13.3.4. Overseas Members: These shall comprise persons whose permanent residence is outside Ireland. Such membership shall terminate as and when the member comes to reside permanently in Ireland.

13.3.5. Honorary Members: These shall comprise persons whom the Committee wish to acknowledge as having rendered exceptional service to the Club or the game of Golf or whose distinguished position or public service would render their membership of special advantage to the Club. The procedure for electing an Honorary Member shall be: A written proposal shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary. The Management Committee shall, as its next succeeding meeting, refer such a proposal to a Special Sub-Committee which shall be established to consider the proposal. This Sub-Committee shall give a recommendation on the proposal to the Management Committee in sufficient time for the Management Committee to reach a decision on whether or not to proceed with the proposal at the next Annual General Meeting.


14.1. All Categories of members except Honorary shall be obliged to pay an Annual Golf Club Subscription and Insurance subscription to the Course Operator.

14.2. The amount of the Golf Club subscription payable by different categories shall be fixed in consultation with the Course Operator.

14.3. Member’s competition purses shall be kept in credit at all times. The Honorary Treasurer in consultation with the General Committee shall set a limit beyond which member’s competition purses may fall into arrears before competition privileges will be withdrawn.

14.4. Notwithstanding the above arrears arrangements, all competition purses must be in credit on 31st March.


15.1. Prior to playing on the Course, a visitor introduced by a member shall pay the appropriate Green Fee. The Green Fee is payable to the Course Operator.


16.1. The Club shall operate a zero tolerance policy in instances of wilful contravention of the Rules of Golf by any Member and shall encourage all Members to immediately report any rule infringements to a member of the Committee.

16.2. The Committee shall not publish or otherwise disclose the name of any member who has reported a rule infringement unless required to do so by Law.

16.3. Any Member held to be wilfully contravening the Rules of Golf in an attempt to gain any advantage whatsoever shall be subject to the disciplinary procedures as set out in Clause 17.

16.4. Deliberate Rules infringements of the kind identified below shall be subject to the strongest possible sanctions available to the Committee:

16.4.1. Knowingly recording a lower score than that actually taken;

16.4.2. Knowingly moving, or incorrectly replacing, a ball to gain an advantage;

16.4.3. Handicap building.

16.4.4. Recording a score in a stroke play competition without actually completing the hole (i.e. gimmes)


17.1. If any allegation of misconduct by a member be submitted in writing to an Officer, any Officer shall make such enquiries as are considered necessary to obtain all relevant details. Such information shall be placed before the Committee which shall, in meeting, enquire into such conduct.

17.2. If in the opinion of the Committee the Conduct in question may warrant suspension (by temporary withdrawal of the privileges of Membership) or expulsion of such Member he or she shall be so informed in writing. The member shall have the right to appear and speak at and/or to make a written submission which shall be read at any subsequent meeting at which the conduct in question shall be considered and all related information shall be placed before the Committee.

17.3. If after making such further enquiries as it considers necessary into the conduct of the member and on hearing such explanation, if any, as he or she may offer, the Committee decides that his or her conduct has not been explained or accounted for to its satisfaction but was not such as to warrant the expulsion of the member, the Committee may instead, by a simple majority, suspend the member for a period not exceeding three months. Should such a majority of the Committee not be satisfied that the charges of misconduct have been proved; no further action should be taken.

17.4. If no explanation of his or her conduct shall be given by the member, or if such explanation shall be considered unsatisfactory by the Committee, it may expel the member, provided that not less than two thirds of the Members of the Committee present vote for such a course of action.

17.5. If on the taking of a vote under Clause 17.4 less than 4 members vote for the expulsion, the Committee shall make a decision in accordance with the provisions of Clause 17.3.

17.6. When the Committee has resolved that a member be suspended or expelled, such Member shall, within seven days of the date of decision, be given notice in writing by the Honorary Secretary of the decision of the Committee, by registered post, or by delivery of such notice to his or her last known address. Such person shall have the right to appeal against the decision, within fourteen days of the date of the decision. The appeal shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary.

17.7. Notice of appeal under Clause 17.6 having been given, the decision shall not take effect for a period of twenty one days from the date of the decision and the Member shall have the right to have his or her appeal heard at an Extraordinary General Meeting requisitioned under Sub-Clause 18.2.1 provided that the necessary signatures for such requisition are procured either by the member in question or any other voting member. This meeting shall, by a simple majority, decide whether the expulsion shall be confirmed or repealed, or whether the period of suspension shall be confirmed, reduced, or repealed. Should the signatures provided for in Sub-Clause 18.2.1 not be obtained within twenty one days from the date of the decision, the Committee shall have power to deem the appeal to have lapsed and to enforce the decision forthwith or to allow an additional appeal should it decide by a simple majority, that the circumstances warrant it.

17.8. A decision of the Committee under this Rule shall stand unless and until a notice of appeal is received, by an Officer of the Club. Provided notice of an appeal has been received, and an Extraordinary General Meeting duly requisitioned, the expulsion or suspension shall not take effect, pending the holding of the Extraordinary General Meeting.

17.9. During the period of suspension the Member shall not be entitled:

17.9.1. To any of the privileges of the Clubhouse or Course afforded to Members, save only to attend any General Meeting which may be held during the period of his or her suspension.

17.9.2. He shall not be entitled to the refund or rebate of the whole or any part of his or her annual Club or Owner’s Subscription or other sum paid or payable to the Club in respect of the year during which the suspension occurs.

17.10. A person who has been expelled from Membership shall not be entitled:

17.10.1. To any of the privileges of the Clubhouse or Course afforded to Members.

17.10.2. To the refund or rebate of the whole or any part of his or her annual subscription or other sum paid or payable by him to the Club in respect of the year during which the expulsion occurs.

17.11. All voting under this rule shall be by secret ballot.

17.12. Any member who has not paid the annual Club or Course Operator’s subscription by the prescribed date in any year, or who fails to comply with payment terms agreed between him/her and either the Club or the Course Operator will cease to be a member. If such omission is later rectified to the satisfaction of the Club and the Course Operator that person may be re-admitted as a member.


18.1. THE CLUB

18.1.1. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall save in exceptional circumstances, be held before the last day of December for receiving the Club Committees Annual Report, the Financial Statement for the year ended the previous 31st October, the electing of Office Bearers, Members of the Committee and Auditors, revising the Rules, and transacting such other business of the Club as may be on the Agenda.

18.1.2. Twenty one days’ notice, at least, of such Annual General Meeting shall be given to the Ordinary Members of the Club who are the only persons entitled to attend and vote at an Annual General Meeting of the Club. Such notice shall be posted on the Notice Board, and/or emailed to each Ordinary member of the Club. One such notice may be published in a newspaper circulating in the locality of the Club. This shall be considered sufficient intimation to the Members of the Meeting.

18.1.3. Any General Meeting shall not start before 7.00pm.

18.1.4. Notices of Motion and Nominations of Officers and Members of the Management Committee must be made to the Honorary Secretary in writing at least fourteen days before the date of such meeting.

18.1.5. Such Notices and Nominations shall be promptly posted in the Members Notice Board in the Clubhouse and/or emailed to all Ordinary Members.

18.1.6. Notices of Motions and Nominations not made as required cannot be considered at the Annual General Meeting.


18.2.1. Special or Extraordinary General Meetings of the Club may be called at any time by direction of the Club or on a requisition to the Honorary Secretary signed by at least twenty members entitled to vote at such Meeting, stating the business to be brought forward and this matter will be the only business considered at that meeting.

18.2.2. On receipt of such requisition it shall be the duty of the Committee of the Club to have a General Meeting called without delay and failing notice, calling such Meeting being issued by direction of the Committee within fourteen days after receipt of the requisition by the Honorary Secretary. Any thirty members who have signed the requisition may issue notice of a General Meeting, which notice shall be sufficient if published on the clubhouse noticeboard and/or emailed to all members at least ten days before the date fixed for such Meeting.


18.3.1. The Captain of the Club shall preside at all General Meetings of the Club.

18.3.2. If the Captain of the club is absent or declines to preside, any other Chairman may be appointed by the Meeting.

18.3.3. Each Chairman in addition to a deliberative vote shall have, and shall exercise a casting vote.


19.1. Fourteen days’ notice of every General Meeting convened by order of a Committee (except meetings called under Clause 18.1 and Clause 18.2) shall be given to members entitled to vote by a circular specifying the time and place of such meeting and the business to be transacted.

19.2. All notices calling such Meetings may be sent by post or e-mail and addressed as such as may be recorded in the Club books.


20.1. No proxies shall be allowed.

20.2. Voting shall be either by a show of hands or by ballot.

20.3. Ballot shall mean a vote on voting paper.

20.4. A majority of one shall be sufficient to decide any question under discussion unless a greater majority is required by some other Club Rule.

20.5. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have and shall exercise a casting vote as provided in Sub-Clause 18.3.3.

20.6. If any member at a General Meeting propose that the mode of voting on any particular matter should be by ballot and this is seconded by another member, the question of whether voting should be by a show of hands or by ballot, shall be decided by a show of hands.

20.7. An election of candidates for membership of the Committee shall be by ballot and all members voting must vote for the full number of candidates for whom there are vacancies, otherwise such voting paper is invalid.


21.1. The Club shall keep:

21.1.1. A Minute Book in which shall be recorded the Minutes of Annual General and Special General Meetings and also,

21.1.2. A Minute Book in which shall be recorded the Minutes from all Committee Meetings held in compliance with Clause 9.4.

21.2. The respective Minutes shall be read out at the next General Statutory or other Committee Meeting and, when approved as being a correct record, shall be signed and dated by the Chairperson.


22.1. The Club, in conjunction with the Course Operator, shall decide the days and times when it shall have the use of the Course. All other times required by the Club shall be by agreement with the Owner in accordance with Clause 9.6 (Liaison).

22.2. The facilities of the course and part of the clubhouse shall be made available to Golf Ireland and Leinster Branch at reasonable intervals as may be agreed between the two parties.


23.1. The Club and the Course Operator shall not be responsible for any personal belongings of members or members visitors brought to, kept at, or left on the premises of the Club (either in the Clubhouse or outside in the Car Park or on the Course). Such personal belongings shall be at the sole risk of the owners thereof, and neither the Club, the Owner nor any Committee thereof, shall be responsible for any loss or damage thereto, howsoever arising: but this rule shall not prejudice any claims by the Club or the Owners of the property against Insurance Companies in case of fire, or when otherwise covered by Insurance. In addition the members shall have due regard for any relevant conditions imposed by the Owner of the facilities.


24.1. No Rule of the Club shall be repealed or altered or new Rule made except at a General Meeting of the Club and by consent of at least two thirds of the members present and entitled to vote at such meeting and written notice of the proposed changes must be sent to the Honorary Secretary with the names of the Proposer and Seconder attached at least three weeks previous to the Meeting at which same is to be considered.

24.2. No such Rule which directly or indirectly affects the rights and interests of the Course Operator can be repealed or altered or new Rule made without the consent of the Course Operator.

24.3. The Honorary Secretary shall place the proposal on the Club Notice Board and/or send by email to each member and put the item on the agenda for the next Meeting of the Club.

24.4. Any change in the Constitution of the Club which affects any rule of the Constitution of Golf Ireland must be submitted to Golf Ireland for approval prior to adoption.

24.5. Any changes in the Rules of the Club shall not be in conflict with the Constitution of Golf Ireland save with the approval in writing by Golf Ireland.


25.1. The Rules of the game of Golf for the Club shall be the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

25.2. The Committee and/or the Liaison Committee shall, in compliance with Sub-Sub Clause, from time to time prescribe such Local Rules as it considers necessary having regard to the nature of the course or otherwise, provided such Local Rules are not contrary to, or at variance with the Rules of Golf or Directives issued by Golf Ireland.


26.1. The Committee and/or the Liaison Committee shall have the power from time to time in compliance with Sub-Sub Clause to make such Bye-Laws as it considers necessary and to alter and repeal same, subject at all times to the approval of the appropriate Committee.


27.1. The Club shall have at least two voting members as Trustees. Such Trustees shall be appointed by the members at Annual General Meetings.

27.2. Each Trustee shall hold office until resignation or removal from office by resolution of members of the Club which appointed them at an Annual General Meeting and shall be replaced by another Appointee at the next or same Annual General Meeting.

27.3. The licence being granted by the Course Operator to the Club shall be in the names of the Course Operator and the appointed Trustees or their successors in office.


Adopted at AGM 2nd December 2022.



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