Macreddin Golf Club



Macreddin Golf Club uses Handicap Master to manage handicaps for members competitions.  We have a three person handicap commitee that meets to discuss new member handicap allocation and to review any exceptional scoring by members.


Members are required to ensure that their handicap for each competition is correct and on the card before they submit their card.  The following applies to members playing in qualifying competitons

  1. members are obliged to return their card after every compeition regardless of the score
  2. members should ensure that away scores are correctly reflected on their handicap record
  3. reductions to handicap or expected reductions to handicap apply immediately after the competition played by the member
  4. increases to handicap (0.1) apply only after the competition result has been reported to the club

New Members

New members without a current handicap must submit 3 cards for handicap before an official handicap can be allocated.  The following applies to any cards submitted for handicap allocation.

  1. the member must play the course from the fixed white distance marker rather than from the tees as set by the green-keepers
  2. the cards submitted can be a combination of 9 or 18-hole rounds
  3. the card must be signed by a member of the club who played the round with you, or if none is available then a GUI affiliated golfer who played the round with you
  4. cards should be handed in to the golf office at the club
  5. once sufficient cards have been submitted they will be reviewed and an appropriate handicap awarded

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